Have you heard of “nesting” as a custody solution?

Have you heard of “nesting” as a custody solution?

Are you trying to come up with a custody solution that really fits your children’s needs? Maybe you find it tough to pack everything up and move out of the house after your divorce. The kids really love the home, their friends, the neighborhood, their school, etc. They love having their own rooms where they feel comfortable and at home. You don’t want them to lose all of that.

Many children do face these changes in divorce. The parents sell the house and move into two new living situations. The kids go from one new home or apartment to the other. It’s a big change for them.

But there is another option, and it’s called nesting. In that situation, your kids can stay in their same rooms, home and neighborhood. You and your ex still own the home jointly as you did while you were married and the kids continue to live there. Nothing really changes for them.

So, how do you share custody? Both parents create their own schedule to move in and out. Maybe you live in the home for three days, then your ex moves in for the rest of the week and you go to your  apartment. Maybe you switch every other week. You divide your time in the home with the kids in a way that works with both parents’ schedules. It provides security and continuity for the kids in a time that would otherwise be fraught with tension and upheaval.

This is a fairly complicated custody solution, and it definitely has its drawbacks. It is just one possible custody option to consider as you work through the divorce process.