Choose mediation in a high-asset divorce to protect your children

Choose mediation in a high-asset divorce to protect your children

by Jane Stack and Nancy D. Kellman | Jun 17, 2020 | Divorce

Being successful can have its drawbacks. It’s as if there were an inverse relationship between success and privacy: The more successful you get, the less private your life becomes.

Gossip columnists have their sources, and if you have any kind of fame or wealth in New York, you can guarantee their ears will prick up as soon as they get wind that you have filed for divorce. It’s bad enough coping with the gossip as adults, but it is even worse for a child. It will be one more thing with which the queen bees in school can bully your daughter. 

It is important to remember that divorce is a highly vulnerable time for children. The more confidentiality you can maintain around your home life, the better. Remember that gossip columns do not always print the truth, either. They often choose to exaggerate details and personal differences between divorcing couples to gain more traffic. After all, who wants to read about a civil divorce where two people come to an amicable solution?  

Personal privacy is one reason you may want to choose an alternative form of divorce resolution, such as mediation rather than a courtroom drama. It can be better for business too, as you may not want everyone to know what your assets are worth, or about your recently struck trade deal with China.

Negotiating your divorce out of court is usually speedier too. Lengthy court battles result in expensive legal fees for both parties. Avoiding the courtroom may be the best option for all of your family.