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How to Afford a Good Divorce Lawyer: Interim Counsel Fees?

Divorce is especially daunting for those whose personal income and access to savings and other money dwindle in comparison to their spouses.  A serious concern of all so-called “less monied” spouses is how to afford a lawyer as qualified as his or her “monied” spouse, so as to prevent the monied spouse from outspending and outgaming him or her in court. 

What’s in a Name? How Divorce Affects Your Right to Use Your Own Name

Whether or not a newly-divorced person can resume the use of the name they used before marriage depends on the location (jurisdiction) where people get divorced.  Since we live in an increasingly global world where people from different nationalities get married in country A, may live in country B, and get divorced in country C, this seemingly simple issue can get quickly complicated, although some basic rules apply.

Beware of financial misstatements in divorce

When a divorce is imminent, each party might automatically try to protect their own interests. For some, money becomes the primary concern. While this is understandable, neither party should allow it to lead to them taking illegal steps to try to hide assets. Being aware of how this might happen may help you to spot issues with the financial aspects of the divorce. 

Do you inherit some kind of “divorce gene” if your parents divorce?

Is the tendency to divorce something that’s passed down in your genetic code, like the color of your hair or your fabulous musical talent? Studies have indicated that the children of divorced parents are more likely to divorce themselves than children whose parents stay together, so you might assume that the likelihood of divorce is something that just gets handed from generation to generation.

Divorce mediation: Get ready with these 3 tips

Going through a divorce isn’t always simple, but since you and your spouse are willing to work together, mediation is something you should try. Mediation gives you the opportunity to work through disputes or disagreements with a third party present. That third party can give you information about the law and help you decide on the right solution to any disagreement.

Modern divorce doesn’t have to be contentious

When you had to provide a reason for your divorce and note that someone was at fault, it made it rather contentious. You essentially had to say that your spouse did something — like being unfaithful to the marriage — that made you want to end the relationship. Even if that allegation was true, people often don’t take kindly to being singled out in that way.

Have you heard of “nesting” as a custody solution?

Are you trying to come up with a custody solution that really fits your children’s needs? Maybe you find it tough to pack everything up and move out of the house after your divorce. The kids really love the home, their friends, the neighborhood, their school, etc. They love having their own rooms where they feel comfortable and at home. You don’t want them to lose all of that.

Many children do face these changes in divorce. The parents sell the house and move into two new living situations. The kids go from one new home or apartment to the other. It’s a big change for them.