Prenuptial Agreements

Protect Your Estate With A Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a legal, binding agreement that two people intending to marry enter into as a way to protect their property in the event their marriage comes to a premature end. Some may think that a prenuptial agreement is a sign of distrust in a couple, but if you are bringing considerable assets into a marriage, it would be ill-advised to leave that property in a vulnerable state.

Nancy D. Kellman has more than 30 years of experience with prenuptial agreements, ranging from very basic to extremely intricate and complex. She knows how to protect your life’s assets in the event of a divorce, and how to tailor a contract to your unique needs.

Make No Mistake In Your Prenuptial Agreement

It is essential to have your lawyer draft a binding prenuptial agreement. With three decades of experience behind her, Nancy D. Kellman will prepare an agreement that adeptly and comprehensively protects the things that are important to you.

While looking out for your well-being, she will also put your mind at ease, with the knowledge that her experience will help you avoid a mistake that can haunt you years later.

Put Your Faith In Us

Attorney Kellman has cultivated a reputation among her clients throughout Westchester County. If you want to marry with the extra security that a well-drafted prenuptial agreement can provide, contact our office today. Email the firm or call 914-328-0900 to set up your initial consultation.