Nancy D. Kellman attorneys advocate to protect your future

No two families are alike. No two divorces are the same. Whether you seek to divorce your spouse, negotiate a separation agreement or prenuptial agreement, or are involved in a divorce proceeding Nancy D. Kellman attorneys will formulate the most beneficial strategy to protect your future and the future of your children.

In every case, our objective is to achieve a broad, beneficial, and permanent solution that permits you and your family to move forward quickly and cost-effectively. Our matrimonial and family law team are skilled negotiators and mediators in the pursuit of an equitable resolution to your family matter. When an amicable resolution cannot be reached, we aggressively and purposefully pursue your interests through the courts. We have extensive trial and appellate court experience and appear regularly before state courts, often in multi-faceted simultaneous proceedings involving support, equitable distribution, and custody matters.

Because your family situation is unique, our attorneys will develop a roadmap specific to your goals and then carefully guide you through the process – from initial separation; negotiation, mediation, collaboration, or litigation; parenting arrangements; and initial child support and spousal maintenance; to the modification of existing agreements.

If you are considering separation or divorce and have questions, please click this link to email us or call me, Nancy D. Kellman, or my colleague Jane Stack at 914-328-0900.