Litigation, And Alternative Ways to Resolve Family Disputes

Attorney Kellman is a seasoned and savvy litigator, with a wealth of experience and a stellar track record of courtroom success when handling divorces in a traditional litigation model.

Ms. Kellman’s many family law services also include the practice of collaborative law, the goal of which is to achieve settlements outside of court.  In this form of alternative dispute resolution, each party is represented by their own attorney, with both sides working cooperatively to understand each other’s interests and concerns; an approach far different than the traditional adversarial one. The clients and attorneys are assisted as needed by a team of professionals such as financial neutrals, coaches (trained mental health professionals) and child specialists, to help with financial issues and custody/access matters affecting the family.  The goal is to reach a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved.

Ms. Kellman also practices mediation, another way of seeking resolution out of court. Mediation can be especially helpful when parties are looking for a more economical way to reach an agreement.  The mediator acts as a neutral guide to both parties, helping to frame the issues that they must resolve together.  Because a mediator does not represent the interests of either party, it is recommended that each party have their own consulting lawyer to obtain legal advice and to review the proposed mediated agreement before it is finalized.

Property Division Can Have Lasting Effects For High-Asset Couples

Divorce is almost always difficult, both emotionally and financially. After you have made the initial decision to end your marriage, you will then be faced with many more decisions and realities concerning the division of your property, the amount of support, and custody if children are involved. Disagreements can occur over such property assets as real estate, retirement accounts, investment accounts, cars, jewelry, artwork and even wine collections.

Family law attorney Nancy D. Kellman, particularly with her many years of practice in Westchester County, is well-versed in this landscape and is committed to helping you navigate this sometimes stressful process to reach an outcome that best reflects your individual interests. With the assistance of her team, Attorney Kellman works with each client to understand their unique needs, to educate them about the law, to understand their expectations and help them achieve a satisfying resolution that allows the whole family to move forward.

Learn More At A Consultation

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