Child Custody

Nancy D. Kellman attorneys help you navigate a clear legal path to secure your children's best interests

Whether you are planning to separate, in the middle of divorce proceedings, or renegotiating custody and child support commitments, Nancy D. Kellman attorneys can help you navigate a clear legal path to preserve the best interests of your children.

In the case of amicable negotiations, our attorneys work with you to establish appropriate and agreeable custody arrangements. When your divorce is not amicable and custody of the children is contested, Nancy D. Kellman attorneys will help you build a robust case to secure or maintain custody. On your behalf, our attorneys will negotiate or litigate for joint or sole custody with parenting (visitation/parenting) agreements, child support payments, decisions regarding your child's education, and address the necessity for geographic limits to how far a custodial parent may move with your children – all with an eye to minimizing the potential for future disputes involving your child or children.

Are you ready to discuss your children's best interests?

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