In the United States, we place a great deal of emphasis on personal freedoms and being able to make decisions about our own lives independent of what others would like us to do. For many, this means the freedom to move about the country as they see fit. For instance, you could decide that a change of scenery would help your emotional health and opt to move to a new state. You’re free to do so. 

That changes, though, if you are a divorced parent who shares custody of your children with your ex. If you are, do not pack everything up and move with your child. The court may prohibit that move on the grounds that it violates your ex’s rights

Shared custody means you both have a right to spend time with the child, not that you both have to do so. Taking the child with you could make that impossible if the distances are too great. This cuts your ex out of their child’s life, and the court may find that unfair. They can tell you that you’re not allowed to move. 

There are ways to get around it. If your ex gives their permission, then you can move. You may also be able to ask the court for permission if you have a good reason to move, such as going to college or taking a job offer. 

What you must remember, though, is that you have to get permission first and then move. Do not just take it into your own hands. Find out exactly what steps you need to take first.